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Will a Home Theater Improve Your Property’s Value?

Vancouver-based home automation experts shed light on this important question

Acquiring your own high-quality home theater is a tremendous personal achievement; however, there is a “bigger picture” to consider:  Will investing in a home theater increase your property value?  The answer is YES!  When a home theater system is integrated correctly, your home immediately advances to a higher value. Multiple top-tier real estate agents agree: For the right buyer, a home theater is a huge draw.  In certain markets, the addition of “smart” features, like home theaters, are seen as a must-have amongst high-end house hunters. There’s no question about it, once you experience an integrated home, you never want to go back!

Quality of components makes all the difference

Quality of components makes all the difference

Quality is Key

Buyers in this market are fully aware of the available brands.  They are looking for names like Control4, Lutron, Samsung and other top-tiers.  High-end brands are more likely to return their investment when it comes time to sell. It is slightly different at the mid-market level.  Having a home theater in a suburban home is less likely to dramatically increase your property values, but they are still excellent for making your home stand out in the market.  A fully-furnished home theater in a basement, for example, will give your home significant market appeal and opens the door for you to increase the asking price over comparable properties in the region.

In the Final Analysis…

For many situations, a well-outfitted theater can actively boost your property values and adds a great amenity to showcase when you are trying to make a sale! When you’re ready to learn more about home technology, give us a call or visit our showroom. We make it easy.

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Vancouver Smart Home Automation News: CEDIA 2012 Highlights


Vancouver Smart Home Automation News: CEDIA 2012 Highlights

CEDIA EXPO 2012, the technology mega conference of the year, concluded last week. If you happened to make it to Indianapolis, your head is probably still spinning from the sea of technological innovation that was on display. If you were unable to make it no worries, we got you covered!

Below are three interesting new products that were brought to the market at CEDIA 2012 that we felt were interesting enough to share with you.!

Sony and Conrol4 Create Worlds First AV Receiver That’s Home Automation Ready

Inside of this Sony receiver is almost the equivalent of an HC-250 automation controller from Control4, with most of the power and feature set of a standalone controller. This simple activation adds full Control4 functionality including Control4’s award-winning flash interface that is already built into the Sony Receiver.  We see this receiver as a continued trend in home automation. More and more products will become home automation ready in the future.

Here is a brief video of the  Sony/Control4 Receiver.

Sony’s 4K 84-Inch Television

Besides the Control 4 automation ready receiver announced at CEDIA, Sony also announced its 84 inch game-changing television. The largest, highest resolution picture Sony has ever produced on a TV. With four times more resolution than Full HD, in 4K the 84″ (diag.) 4K LCD screen contains no less than 8 million individual pixels (3,840 x 2,160). Advanced picture processing ensures that every one of those pixels displays images with superb quality. At a closer, more comfortable distance and a viewing angle widened to 60°, the TV screen fills your field of vision: it’s like experiencing the action in real life. With all the extra resolution, size, and viewing radius comes a heafty price tag of $25,000, but for those who demand the best, this television will sure be at the top of their list.

Here is a brief video of the high-powered Sony television.

Leon Speakers Debut New Timbre Series Bookshelf Speakers

Leon Speakers is a pioneer in the design, research and development, and refinement of meticulously handcraft elegant loudspeaker solutions. They seek to bring a home theater experiences into every spaces. The Timber line bookshelf speaker is their latest speaker and design concept. They are offered in hard woods, and can be custom painted to fit any design environment.

Here is a brief video that showcases the speaker line.

Key Takeaway: Every year CEDIA’s conferences are filled with industry insight and new products from manufacturers from around the world. This year was no different. This is just a sampling of a few new products we found interesting at this years event.


Vancouver Control 4 Dealer: Is Control 4 Right For Your Home Or Business?

West Coast Audio Video Gallery is a Vancouver Dealer of Control 4.

Control 4 is an affordable residential and commercial automation solution that can make your home or business smarter and more efficient.  With control 4 your home’s audio, video, lighting, security, thermostat and even jacuzzi can be controlled from a keypad or touch screen device. However, there are many home automation choices on the market, so how do you know if Control 4 is the  right solution for your home or business? Here is some friendly advice that will hopefully clear the confusion.

The three most popular manufacturers in the automation industry are Crestron, Savant, and Control 4.

Crestron has been around for 40 plus years and is the grandfather of the “smart home” automation industry. Crestron systems are usually used for large-scale homes that are 5,000 square feet or more, Crestron is also used for government buildings, educational facilities, and medium to large corporate buildings.

Savant is similar to Crestron in price, but lacks the 40 plus years of experience in the market. They offer a solution unlike Crestron that is slightly easier to program for projects that do not require a lot of customization.  Savant hardware is comprised of a Mac Mini making many to believe that Savant is the Apple of smart home automation. They also use exclusively Apple products for control like the iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. However, these control devices and apps are also available for any other control system you may choose to use.

Control 4 was born on the philosophy that you do not need to be living the life of luxury to enjoy smart home automation. The Control 4 market targets homes and businesses that are less than 5,000 square feet and do not require a lot of customization. The control 4 programing is extremely simple to configure compared to Crestron or Savant. This ready to go out of the box approach Control 4 adopted creates huge savings for consumers looking to save money on expensive programming costs.

Our team here at West Coast Audio Video Gallery uses Control 4 frequently to make homeowners lives easier while not breaking their bank when doing so.  Control 4 is not the right solution for every project, but if you have a small to medium sized home or business, it may be the right solution for you.


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