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Why do Acoustics Matter in a Home Theatre?


Your favourite Vancouver Technology Professionals offer expertise & solutions 

Room acoustics indicate how sound waves interact within a room. Every room reacts differently to the variety of sound frequencies, primarily because of the objects in it, and every speaker sounds different when in a different room. When you partner with Westcoast A/V Gallery for a home theatre build, acoustics are a vital component considered as we design and engineer your space…and for good reason.

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Westcoast Audio Video Gallery is Growing!

businessman with laptop in network server room

And the hunt is on for the most qualified Custom AV Installation Professional in Vancouver (or Beyond)


There’s something to be said for having an extreme attention to detail; for having a specialized arsenal of tools ready to tackle the most custom requests; and for being committed to learning so you’re always on top of the latest innovations. If this, and at least 5-yrs experience as a professional installer, sounds like you or someone you know…then we genuinely hope you’re in the Greater Vancouver area (or are willing to relocate) because that’s exactly who we need!

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Westcoast AV Gallery Showcase: Ethos™ Electrostatic Speakers from MartinLogan


Sonic technologies establish an unprecedented new direction in audiophile design

Since opening our doors here in Vancouver, Westcoast AV Gallery has taken considerable pride in offering manufacturers and products with only the highest standard of efficiency and precision. Debuting in 1982 at a Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago, MartinLogan has exemplified the term “internationally-recognized brand,” by offering superior design and technology to customers who value the best speakers on the planet.

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Westcoast AV Gallery Showcase: Primare Audio/Video Systems

Primare Amp capture

Cutting-edge technology & performance available from your favorite Vancouver electronics experts

Westcoast AV Gallery is determined to be your resource for all things home automation. To that end, we wanted to focus this newest edition of our blog on a key audio/video product partner; Primare.

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How Many Ways can Westcoast AV Gallery Enhance Your Business?


This Vancouver Tech Professional has the Upgrades you need to
become the Business you’ve always imagined

At Westcoast AV Gallery, we certainly enjoy working with residents to help make their home technology dreams come true. That said; what about business? So much of today’s connectivity and automation can be incorporated into your life at the office, not integrating these solutions is taking a chance on clients leaving with the impression that you’re out of touch. When you partner with Westcoast, your modern office guarantees you’ll make the best first impression every time.

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Why Upgrading Your Home Network Matters


Westcoast AV Gallery looks at the benefits of managed network options


Having problems with a lagging home network? Westcoast AV Gallery of Vancouver, your full-service residential and commercial custom electronics and design integration partner for A/V, Lighting Control, Motorized Shading, Home Automation and Network equipment has the solution.

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What are the Priorities when Finishing a Home Theatre Build?


A Vancouver Home Theatre Installation Expert Offers Important Considerations


Last time, we discussed the importance of determining your sound options before making any commitment to building a home theatre. This time we focus on the completed package:

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Vancouver Commercial Audio Video Integration: First Samsung North American Store

You may have heard Vancouver is the first city to have a Samsung Store in North America, but did you know Westcoast Audio Video Gallery was the company called upon to assist in the commercial audio video integration?

Samsung called the Westcoast Audio Video Gallery team three weeks before the store’s grand opening. Talk about a short window for conceptualization, planning, and installation! With both teams working hard together, Westcoast developed the vision of how the store would operate from a technology integration point of view and then delivered the results.

The first recommendation collaborated on was installing a 3×3 55 inch Samsung Video Wall. 3×3 means (3) 55 inch panels by (3) 55 inch panels for a total display width of 165 inches. The video wall enables for a whole screen viewing or it can be viewed in different sources from different display panels. The display adds a wow factor when first entering the store.  The video wall will be managed by Westcoast Audio Video Gallery on a monthly to bi-monthly basis to keep the content fresh.

Here is a video about the opening of the new Samsung Store in Vancouver. You can also see the stunning video wall installed by Westcoast Audio Video Gallery.

Westcoast also installed three Samsung ES80000 (LED) screens for their product wall and training areas. These screens will help the stores patrons learn about the latest products as well as help them get trained on Samsung devices.

Two zones of audio were installed. One zone is above the Samsung Video Wall. It has the ability to switch audio sources from either the video wall or the stores music. The second audio zone is designated for the stores background music.

For control, Westcoast integrated a Samsung Android using the RTIPanel application. The application provides exceptional control capabilities that  can tie into a Samsung Adnroid device.

Here are some of the specs on the RTI Application

  • Control and receive feedback from audio, video, lighting, security,
    climate, and more!
  • Fully integrate Apple iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch® and Android™
    devices into new or existing RTI control systems utilizing an XP
    series control processor.
  • Completely customizable graphical interface.
  • Programmed using same Integration Designer software that is used
    for all RTI products.
  • Supports creation of both portrait and landscape views with minimal
    extra programming required.
  • RTiPanel supports full two-way feedback, including cover art,
    graphics, text, dynamic scrolling lists, and more!
  • Supports local connection via WiFi®, and off-site access via WiFi®
    or cellular data (if available), with automatic switching.
  • Highly optimized for fast connection times.
  • Control system programming stored on Apple/Android devices and
    updates automatically when changes are made.

* An RTI, touch screen keypad was also installed for redundancy in case a back up was needed.

It was a pleasure being apart of the first ever North American Samsung Store in Vancouver.  The project was very challenging, but we enjoyed every minute of it. We hope all the Samsung patrons will enjoy it as well over the years to come.

To visit the new Samsung store, here is the address Metropolis at Metrown, 4700 Kingway, Burnaby. You can also visit their website at to learn more.

If you have a residential or commercial project that needs technology integration, feel free to give us a call. We have a friendly staff that can give great advice. You can check out our integrated technology photo gallery by clicking here.


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