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Get The Most From Your Space with Acoustic Treatments

Open rooms, different materials, random audio placements - so many different elements can create bad sound in a space.

Open rooms, different materials, random audio placements – so many different elements can create bad sound in a space.

Have you ever experienced a room with bad sound? Exaggerated echoes, high-pitch ringing sounds, random noises from equipment in the walls – these sound issues and any others like them can literally create a headache for you in your space.

Thankfully, there are acoustic treatment solutions for every space. Issues can be dealt with and even avoided altogether, if acoustic treatments are well-planned and applied effectively. Read More…

Hi-End Audio Performance with Wadia Digital

Audio devices engineered by audiophiles. That’s an accurate description of Wadia Digital – a hi-end audio technology company based out of New York state.


Founded in 1988 by a team of engineers from the 3M corporation, Wadia quickly became one of the first companies dedicated to the advancement of high performance digital audio reproduction. Disappointed with the sound quality, design and build specifications of early digital audio equipment, Wadia Digital committed themselves to applying advanced technology to improve the performance of digital audio components. Read More…

Seeing is Believing – Why You Should Visit the New Audio Video Showroom

We all recognize great audio and video technology when we experience it. Think about the best concert you have ever been to, or a theatre where you felt apart of the action. Top of the line projection told a story, high-fidelity sound made it come to life, and the experience was memorable. So how do you bring that kind of experience to your own space?

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Why do Acoustics Matter in a Home Theatre?


Your favourite Vancouver Technology Professionals offer expertise & solutions 

Room acoustics indicate how sound waves interact within a room. Every room reacts differently to the variety of sound frequencies, primarily because of the objects in it, and every speaker sounds different when in a different room. When you partner with Westcoast A/V Gallery for a home theatre build, acoustics are a vital component considered as we design and engineer your space…and for good reason.

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Westcoast Audio Video Gallery is Growing!

businessman with laptop in network server room

And the hunt is on for the most qualified Custom AV Installation Professional in Vancouver (or Beyond)


There’s something to be said for having an extreme attention to detail; for having a specialized arsenal of tools ready to tackle the most custom requests; and for being committed to learning so you’re always on top of the latest innovations. If this, and at least 5-yrs experience as a professional installer, sounds like you or someone you know…then we genuinely hope you’re in the Greater Vancouver area (or are willing to relocate) because that’s exactly who we need!

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How Many Ways can Westcoast AV Gallery Enhance Your Business?


This Vancouver Tech Professional has the Upgrades you need to
become the Business you’ve always imagined

At Westcoast AV Gallery, we certainly enjoy working with residents to help make their home technology dreams come true. That said; what about business? So much of today’s connectivity and automation can be incorporated into your life at the office, not integrating these solutions is taking a chance on clients leaving with the impression that you’re out of touch. When you partner with Westcoast, your modern office guarantees you’ll make the best first impression every time.

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What are the Priorities when Finishing a Home Theatre Build?


A Vancouver Home Theatre Installation Expert Offers Important Considerations


Last time, we discussed the importance of determining your sound options before making any commitment to building a home theatre. This time we focus on the completed package:

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Will a Home Theater Improve Your Property’s Value?

Vancouver-based home automation experts shed light on this important question

Acquiring your own high-quality home theater is a tremendous personal achievement; however, there is a “bigger picture” to consider:  Will investing in a home theater increase your property value?  The answer is YES!  When a home theater system is integrated correctly, your home immediately advances to a higher value. Multiple top-tier real estate agents agree: For the right buyer, a home theater is a huge draw.  In certain markets, the addition of “smart” features, like home theaters, are seen as a must-have amongst high-end house hunters. There’s no question about it, once you experience an integrated home, you never want to go back!

Quality of components makes all the difference

Quality of components makes all the difference

Quality is Key

Buyers in this market are fully aware of the available brands.  They are looking for names like Control4, Lutron, Samsung and other top-tiers.  High-end brands are more likely to return their investment when it comes time to sell. It is slightly different at the mid-market level.  Having a home theater in a suburban home is less likely to dramatically increase your property values, but they are still excellent for making your home stand out in the market.  A fully-furnished home theater in a basement, for example, will give your home significant market appeal and opens the door for you to increase the asking price over comparable properties in the region.

In the Final Analysis…

For many situations, a well-outfitted theater can actively boost your property values and adds a great amenity to showcase when you are trying to make a sale! When you’re ready to learn more about home technology, give us a call or visit our showroom. We make it easy.

Vancouver audio video dealer

How do You Define Quality Home Audio?


Vancouver-based Audio Video firm offers professional insight on the exceptional listening experience

What makes home audio exceptional? Is it a properly built system with a leading pair of speakers and expensive electronic components? Or is it more than that?

Listening to music becomes an emotional and passionate experience when the system and its components work in unison to transport you to another world. This is our definition of exceptional audio. With that in mind, what are some of the qualities necessary to create genuine home audio mastery? And what are the relevant issues that audiophiles face today?

Loudness Wars Vancouver-home-audio

Digital files such as MP3’s are nothing more than an “audio pancake”. All sounds have been flattened to one tone.  Digital media has created a pattern of increasing the volume in order to give the impression that the music sounds better (provided you believe “louder” equates to “better”). In doing so, they’ve begun to limit the dynamic range: what we sense as the difference between soft and loud sounds in our music.

While music can sound  passable when using a pair of ear buds with your iPod or MP3 player, when it comes to sound clarity for your home audio system, these digital devices lack the dynamic range necessary to hear the highs and lows of every instrument.

Digital Cause & Solution

What can you do to improve the clarity of your favorite track on your own system?  Music should be recorded without any compression and played back through a quality home audio system that is fitted with a professional pair of speakers and an amplifier.

Top-notch speakers can effortlessly reproduce a wide range of sounds (i.e.: orchestral music, ambient background, recording effects, etc.) and make it seem like the concert is in your living room. If there are a variety of instruments, sounds, and dynamic range, smaller speakers can have a difficult time reproducing every nuance from a track. When possible, compare different speakers to listen to the variances before committing to any purchase.

Best Audio Companies for Your Dollar

Some consumers are merely looking for systems that offer convenience and/or invisibility for certain rooms (such as the kitchen or a study), which is fine. However, there are times when you want to simply sit comfortably, listen intently, and be transported by the excellent tunes emanating from the quality system into which you invested top dollar. Companies such as Leon, Jamo, Anthony Gallo, and Cambridge Audio all make fantastic products for those seeking the best in home audio achievement. They are manufacturers we recommend often for audiophiles seeking a high-quality listening experience. For more information, feel free to contact us. We have a friendly staff that is here to help.

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