Get Your Message Across With a Commercial Audio Video System

Westcoast AV Gallery Crafts a Custom Solution to Boost Your Business

Create a personal connection with potential customers or clients and keep them engaged with a commercial audio video system. When it comes to your video or audio, it is not all about the content. Clients have come to expect a certain quality from hi-resolution images and hi-fidelity sound. Make sure your Toronto, Ontario business stands out with state of the art equipment easily managed from a custom-designed system from Westcoast AV Gallery.

Boost Your Business with Digital Signage

If you really want to engage with potential customers, you have to create appealing, dynamic content. Capture the attention of shoppers or those passing by with messages on a HD Samsung video wall. You can maximize exposure and efficiency by placing your digital signs close to your windows or in areas where shoppers are likely to linger for long periods of time.

One of the biggest perks of digital signage is being able to offer fresh content easily and regularly. Which is why it is imperative to have a system that is quick and easy to use. With an integrated commercial audio video system, you can change the video playing on your screens from your smartphone, touchpad or tablet at the touch of a button. And you don’t have to worry about clutter — you can keep video sources hidden from view while distributing content to displays throughout store.

Set the Scene with a unique playlist  

Whether you’re working at a doctor’s office, restaurant or retail store, it is important to create the right ambience for your clients. This creates a better experience for guests while boosting your brand. Opening a high-end spa in Toronto? Create a special playlist or access a “Yoga” Pandora music station to play calming songs that enhance the feeling of well-being you want your space to impart.

Unlike your digital signage, which is primed to stand out, oftentimes you want your audio presence to be a lot more subtle. Get crisp, encompassing sound while maintaining the precise décor you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Westcoast AV can install in-wall or in-ceiling speakers so only your sound is noticed, not your equipment.

Enhance Your Videoconferencing Technology

Communication is just as pivotal within a business environment. We incorporate the latest video conferencing technology so interactions with clients and employees alike are crisp and clear. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to upgrade your current office or begin new construction, we can install a system that offers quick, seamless communication.

Avoid misunderstandings or bad impressions with an HD projector and expertly placed speakers and microphones for encompassing sound. Tired of fumbling with remotes trying to get an important call started? With an automated boardroom, control of lights, shades, video and audio are condensed into one easy-to-use interface.

Contact Westcoast AV Gallery to expand the reach of your company with high-end commercial audio video solutions. The right technology can change the way you do business.

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