How Can Commercial Automation Enhance Your Business?

Westcoast AV Gallery Designs a Custom System for Your Vancouver Space

Whether you want to upgrade your office boardroom or improve the quality of the audio video system in your 200-seat restaurant, there’s a commercial automation solution just for you. Westcoast AV Gallery takes your goals and budget into account when creating a system that promises to enhance the security and efficiency of your Vancouver business. Read on to see how you could benefit from commercial automation.

Enhance productivity in your office

Tired of fumbling with different remotes and cables when setting up a video conference? An automated boardroom brings your audio, video and lighting components together so you can begin a video conference or presentation with the press of a button. Access a “Presentation” scene from your touchpad, smartphone or tablet to make the lights dim, shades close, and your TV turn on.

The benefits of automation are not limited to your boardroom space. A smart Lutron lighting and shading solution lets you maximize the use of natural light to reduce your energy bills. A smart security system ensures you close up properly at the end of the day with a “Goodbye” scene that turns off all the lights, locks all your doors and sets your alarm.

Increase sales in your retail store

Promote your most profitable products and highlight favorites with the use of commercial automation. Static advertising is a thing of the past. Keep your clients in the store longer with vibrant, engaging content on your digital signage. Use individually controlled smart lighting zones to spotlight profitable items as soon as customers enter your store.

Remote monitoring lets you view live Ultra HD surveillance footage from your smartphone at all times. A smart security system notifies authorities quickly in case of unwanted activity while you receive email alerts so you’re always informed about what is going in your store.

Give your restaurant the right ambience

Aside from the quality food, creating the perfect dining experience comes down to crafting the right mood. Commercial automation gives you easy control of lights, shades, audio and video so your staff can adapt quickly. In a sports bar, easily stream media to specific televisions so your patrons never miss out on a second of the game. Place sensors on your windows so shades close when sensing direct sunlight to ensure TVs are never affected by outside glare.

Your restaurant can be the perfect spot for a first date with the right romantic ambience. Save your favorite dinner settings into a scene you can recall at any time so there is no guesswork involved. Simply press the “Dinner” scene to close shades, dim lights and begin playing your curated playlist at just the right volume so it sets the mood without disrupting patrons.

From boosting sales to cutting energy costs, a commercial automation solution affects every aspect of your Vancouver space. Contact Westcoast AV Gallery for a system that will change the way you do business.

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