4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Signage

Westcoast AV Gallery Optimizes the Media Distribution in your Vancouver Space

Static advertising is a thing of the past. With physical stores competing with online shopping, it has become a necessity to turn spaces into a comprehensive shopping experience. Companies have adopted new technologies and embraced digital signage as the best way to promote their products. Don’t be left behind! Commercial media distribution does not have to be an arduous or expensive process.

Let Westcoast AV Gallery, voted one of the Top 3 Signage Companies by Samsung, take care of your digital signage needs. Whether its streaming images, video or interactive information, we boost the efficiency of the messages in your space. Following these tips, you can get the most out of your digital branding.

Find the right location

When it comes to digital signage, it’s all about location. Don’t place a sign where it will not be effective (at checkout) or cause a strain for customers (if placed too low or high). You can install displays by the window to attract those passing by or put them at natural waiting areas in your shop, such as dressing room entrances, where customers are more likely to engage with the content.

Diversify Your Content

While digital displays can be eye-catching simply due to the hi-definition images they provide, the real benefit of using digital is to add variety. Avoid using the same message throughout the day or making your videos loop predictably as this can cause clients to tune out. You can combine photos and videos to bring life to campaigns without becoming repetitive, streaming video in the middle of your display and information and images on the border. For larger chains, you can localize your approach. Include images of local staff or promote items or tidbits that cater to your local market and most profitable products.

Get Interactive With Customers

Engage your customers by making them part of the digital signage experience. An interactive ordering system facilitates the process for customers while allowing you to send messages their way when they’re most focused on your product. Tablet-based displays let customers interact with your content in a fun, memorable manner. Even without touch-screen capabilities, clients can feel included. Broadcast social media messages from Twitter or Facebook to show they are being heard while also promoting your own social media brands.

Install the right software

Having an efficient strategy is about more than crafting the right content. How are you going to get those messages distributed most efficiently? Don’t settle for predictable DVD or PowerPoint options. Our professional IT techs can help you find the best software solutions.

Westcoast AV Gallery can help you get the most out of your displays. With the proper network and software installation, we create a digital signage system that is capable of distributing diverse content, easy to control and scalable in case you want to add displays in the future or change your store’s interior design. Contact us today to find a solution that best fits the needs of your Vancouver business.

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