Get The Most From Your Space with Acoustic Treatments

Open rooms, different materials, random audio placements - so many different elements can create bad sound in a space.

Open rooms, different materials, random audio placements – so many different elements can create bad sound in a space.

Have you ever experienced a room with bad sound? Exaggerated echoes, high-pitch ringing sounds, random noises from equipment in the walls – these sound issues and any others like them can literally create a headache for you in your space.

Thankfully, there are acoustic treatment solutions for every space. Issues can be dealt with and even avoided altogether, if acoustic treatments are well-planned and applied effectively.

But what exactly is an acoustic treatment? Well most people have probably heard of sound proofing, which is basically reducing the amount of sound that leaves a space. Acoustic treatment, however, is the process of analyzing that space, and controlling how the sound will reflect within it. An effective acoustic treatment will neutralize any sound issues and provide a space that is a pleasure to use.

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Sound, whether good or bad, has a very strong effective on people. When it comes to the workplace, the sound in an untreated room (like an open-office setting) can make employees up to 66% less productive. In a retail environment, sales can be negatively affected by up to 28% if the room isn’t properly treated (statistics taken from Ted Talk listed above – “The 4 ways sound affects us”).

Simply put, great acoustics don’t just happen, they are created. An experienced technician with a well-planned acoustic treatment can turn almost any room into an enjoyable and effective space.

Here’s a few benefits of acoustic treatment to consider:

  • Clarity/intelligibility of speech. With a treated room, conversations become much clearer and more enjoyable. You hear what needs to be heard, not the effects of the poor acoustics in the room.

  • Accurate audio representation. Movie soundtracks and musical recordings are created with attention to finer details. Non-treated spaces will ultimately change the way that those audio elements are perceived.

  • Increased professionalism and heightened expectations. Taking the time and money to create a great meeting space shows great care for what happens in that space. In the end, that will raise expectations for your meetings and produce better results.

  • Functional design. Acoustic treatment elements can easily compliment the design of any space. Today’s acoustic treatments are far more visually appealing than pieces of foam or egg cartons on a wall.

At Westcoast AV Gallery, we specialize in acoustic treatments for residential and commercial applications. We carry a range of solutions from Vicoustic and Primacoustic – two companies that have become leaders in their industry.

Here’s an example of a recent meeting room installation, featuring the Broadband Absorbers from Primacoustic:

Acoustic Treatment in a Board Room

At our showroom on Terminal Avenue in Vancouver, you can experience our Dolby Atmos home theatre setup, featuring acoustic treatment solutions from Vicoustic:

Dolby Atmos Home Theatre with Acoustic Treatments

Whether it’s a commercial or residential application, there are two aspects of acoustic treatment to consider: absorption and diffusion. Absorption involves placing somewhat porous materials in specific locations to, you guessed it, absorb sound waves. Diffusion focuses more on evenly spreading the sound waves throughout the space. An effective acoustic treatment will take both aspects into consideration when evaluating the space.

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When it comes to cost, your acoustic treatment budget should be given as much consideration as the room and audio elements themselves. That being said, you don’t have to break the bank to create a great space. For example, the London 8 Room Kit from Primacoustic is usually around the $299 price point (installation not included) and offers a great solution for small rooms.

So what’s your project? A home theatre on a limited budget? A boardroom or working space at the office? Whatever the application, a helpful first step would be to talk to an experienced professional. At Westcoast AV Gallery, we understand the need for effective acoustic treatments and have applied a wide-range of solutions for our clients. We would be happy to discuss the needs for your space with you.

Visit us at 408 Terminal Avenue in Vancouver or check out the acoustic treatment solutions that we carry from Vicoustic and Primacoustic. When you visit our showroom, be sure to check out the Dolby Atmos home theatre to experience how good a space can sound with the right treatment solutions.

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