Hi-End Audio Performance with Wadia Digital

Audio devices engineered by audiophiles. That’s an accurate description of Wadia Digital – a hi-end audio technology company based out of New York state.


Founded in 1988 by a team of engineers from the 3M corporation, Wadia quickly became one of the first companies dedicated to the advancement of high performance digital audio reproduction. Disappointed with the sound quality, design and build specifications of early digital audio equipment, Wadia Digital committed themselves to applying advanced technology to improve the performance of digital audio components.

From Wadia’s website:

“Wadia’s first product, the Wadia 2000 Decoding Computer, was an absolute breakthrough in digital audio. For many discerning listeners, it was the first product to demonstrate that digital audio was a musically responsive, evolving, and engaging format. Wadia continues to build on a tradition of excellence, developing innovative technology: refining, listening, engineering, and improving along the way.”

Here at Westcoast AV Gallery, we are proud to carry the high-end products that Wadia Digital produces. In our showroom at 408 Terminal Avenue, we have the following setup for your experience:


a340 Power Amplifier.


ELAC FS409 floor standing tower speakers.


Wadia 321 Decoding Computer.


Wadia m330 Media Server.

Whether you’re looking for a home audio setup or a commercial installation, come to our showroom at 408 Terminal Avenue and experience Wadia Digital audio for yourself. We’d be more than happy to help you decide what products are best suited to meet your needs.

View some great photos of our showroom on Facebook by clicking here.

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