Westcoast AV Gallery Showcase: Ethos™ Electrostatic Speakers from MartinLogan


Sonic technologies establish an unprecedented new direction in audiophile design

Since opening our doors here in Vancouver, Westcoast AV Gallery has taken considerable pride in offering manufacturers and products with only the highest standard of efficiency and precision. Debuting in 1982 at a Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago, MartinLogan has exemplified the term “internationally-recognized brand,” by offering superior design and technology to customers who value the best speakers on the planet.

Offering MartinLogan components to our discerning clientele sometimes feels predetermined. After all, if you’re going to provide electrostatic loudspeakers to serious audiophiles throughout Canada, you can’t compromise on quality.

Designed for superior sound

At the heart of every ultimate MartinLogan speaker lies an ultra-thin transparent electrostatic diaphragm. Driven by charged electrons and weighing less than the air it moves, the diaphragm is so responsive it reproduces sound at levels only associated with the finest audio electronics. With indistinguishably low distortion, the electrostatic diaphragm precisely tracks the input signal, engages the air, and transmits the audio signal to your ear…flawlessly.

The Advanced MicroPerf stator technology (or XStat™) gives MartinLogan’s latest-generation electrostatic transducers almost twice as much exposed diaphragm surface as a traditional electrostatic panel of the same size. This dramatic increase in effective radiating area translates to higher efficiency and even more effortless, unlimited dynamic presentation.

Bringing it all together with Ethos™

Descended from MartinLogan’s renowned CLX™ loudspeaker, the new Ethos features advanced XStat™ electrostatic technology and proprietary Vojtko™ crossover topology delivering the highest sonic standards of efficiency and precision. An immensely dynamic 8” PoweredForce™ woofer and 8” passive radiator duo utilize an innovative 24-bit Vojtko DSP (digital signal processing) Engine and powerful 200-watt class-D amplifier to generate effortlessly detailed bass down to 34Hz from an extremely compact design.

Vertically identical in size and dispersion to the flagship Summit™ X (and taller than the Vantage), Ethos’ 9.2” (23cm) horizontal panel dimension required a tighter curve to achieve MartinLogan’s distinct 30-degree dispersion pattern. To accomplish this MartinLogan engineers reduced the gauge thickness of the steel stators. The reduced gauge does not alter the performance characteristics of the Ethos’ electrostatic panel. However, as a natural byproduct of tighter build tolerances, it does increase the visual transparency of the panel. Ethos’ new XStat panel is so visually transparent that it nearly vanishes when you’re sitting and listening.

A blog cannot do justice

In addition to the Ethos, Martin Logan offers a complete range of hi-performance loudspeakers. This includes headphones, Hi-Fi, Home Theater, custom in wall/ceiling and on wall speaker systems, as well as sound bars, outdoor speakers and subwoofers. For a product range that encompasses all loudspeaker needs from the budding audio enthusiast to full bore audiophiles, contact the team at Westcoast AV Gallery to arrange a demonstration and hear for yourself what best suits your requirements.

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