Westcoast AV Gallery Showcase: Primare Audio/Video Systems

Primare Amp capture

Cutting-edge technology & performance available from your favorite Vancouver electronics experts

Westcoast AV Gallery is determined to be your resource for all things home automation. To that end, we wanted to focus this newest edition of our blog on a key audio/video product partner; Primare.

With Amplifiers, Home Theater sound systems, DACs (Digital-to-Analog Converters), CD Players and more, Primare maintains a philosophy that WCAV clients can appreciate: Real sophistication resides in the power of a functional, reliable design that looks and feels great and that performs exceptionally well.

No matter the Primare component, you’ll discover their products live up to their promise of being…

  • Uncomplicated: Every option is a joy to use
  • Pure: Promoting performance and reliability through innovative use of high-quality materials
  • Evolutionary: Guided by a practical, logical, common sense design approach, realized with the best technologies appropriate for the application
  • Beautiful: Uncluttered elegance, easy to appreciate and integrate at home
  • Consistent & Reliable: All Primare products are conceived and built according to a long-established design ethos to offer enduring quality

Leaner, Cleaner, Greener Amplification

A perfect example of their innovation is Primare’s new UFPD (Ultra Fast Power Device) amplifiers. Representing a new type of purified Class D/switch-mode design, they deliver a natural dynamic quality of sound across the entire audible spectrum while retaining an amazing energy-saving efficiency.

Their original Class D modules worked well as compact bass amplifiers but proved to be inherently unstable when asked to do ‘hi-fi’ things like accurately reproduce a female voice or percussion instruments. Distortion at 7kHz could be as much as one hundred times the level at 1kHz.

UFPD has the ability to apply a constant loop gain across the entire audio band, treating all frequencies with the same level of care and producing a response which is consistent regardless of load. This means that UFPD is able to drive any speaker, creating a vividly natural rhythmic sound while keeping power consumption at a fraction of that used by a traditional amplifier.

With UFPD, Primare has inspired a new generation of smaller, more powerful hi-fidelity amplifiers, perfect for our environmentally conscious multi-channel age.

Experience Primare for Yourself!

Please contact the team at Westcoast AV Gallery for a personal demonstration of the various hi-end Primare audio products on display in the showroom. Feel free to call, email, or stop by Westcoast AV Gallery for more information on all products and services that we provide.

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