5 Ways Digital Signage Can Help Your Business


Westcoast AV Gallery Reads the Signs of Future Advertising


Everyone at Westcoast AV Gallery has spent most of their lives as avid technology enthusiasts, yet we are still occasionally amazed at just how far we’ve come in the last few decades. When we were kids, signs were made of nothing but metal, plastic, or neon, and the closest they came to being interactive was sending a teenager up a ladder to update how many burgers McDonalds had served that week.

Now we have digital signage that improves on traditional signs in practically every way. Yes, these signs do cost more up front, but they offer impressive benefits far beyond traditional signage. Whether we’re talking modern LED display boards or more traditional flat-screen monitors, a digital sign can be a tremendous boost to your business.

Five Great Features of Digital Signage

1. Visual Impact: Whether you’re talking about a bright, high-resolution, animated LED display, or a wall of monitors taking up an entire section of your establishment, digital signage catches eyes fast. No other form of sign is as easily seen or as eye-catching as a digital sign, especially one playing video, which translates to more people walking in your door.

2. Interactive ordering systems: Forward-looking cafès and restaurants have been experimenting with interactive digital menus, which reduce labour and makes the process more entertaining for customers. This digital signage concept could be expanded to virtually any on-demand sales product.

3. Infinite message potential: Unlike a traditional sign, digital signage can be updated with any message you want, at any time of day, as many times a day as you need. All it takes is a couple minutes at a computer to redesign the board and send a new message to it. This greatly expands the audience you can reach in a given day.

4. Engage customers: Why use standard books and catalogues? A phalanx of touchscreen-based tablet PCs makes a great display section that’s fun for customers (and inviting to play with also).

5. Get social! Digital signage can easily be hooked into social services such as Facebook and Twitter. You could display Facebook wall posts, or keep up live Twitter conversations with visitors on a large display. Digital signage is a perfect way of bringing social media into your business.

At Westcoast AV Gallery, we install home theaters, Audio Video equipment, lighting control, security and entry systems and, yes, digital signs! We were even named one of the Top 3 Digital Signage Retailers by Samsung. We can help select the right signage for your needs and connect everything so you’re ready to start your custom advertising immediately!

No matter what sort of business you’re in, digital signage makes an impact on your customers and helps make your location a place people want to visit. Call us here at Westcoast AV Gallery with any questions or visit our showroom in Vancouver today!

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