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Vancouver Home Theater Design: Your Dream Home Theater Awaits!

Vancouver Home Theater Design: Your Dream Home Theater

Do you dream of owning a home theater? It’s one of the ultimate ambitions of a true movie fan: to have a truly great home theater with all of the comfort, all of the sound, and all of the visuals as a Cineplex, only without crying children and random cell phone conversations interrupting the film.

Home theaters have been around for a long time, and the technology that powers them continues to get better every year. Today, you can have a home theater setup that rivals any commercial theater, with digital picture THX surround sound, and even 3D! Why would you ever go out to the movies again? If you would like to learn what a state-of-the-art home theater looks like continue reading…

Building The Best Modern Home Theater… Ever

You can’t have a home theater without a projector. There are dozens of solutions on the market, but for the best cinema displays, we recommend a SIM2 Multimedia Digital Projector. With ultra-bright LED bulbs and a full dynamic color range, these projectors have the absolute best picture quality. The projectors even support 3D!

Of course, it’s not a real film until you add sound, unless you’re watching a Chaplin classic. For speakers, the options are endless. Leon manufacturers some of the best quality speakers, and they are the brand we use most with our home theater installations. Their ultra-thin, yet ultra-high quality speakers can be set flush inside nearly any wall space, giving you sound to rival that of the multiplex.

To power the speakers, we recommend Sherbourn pre-amps. These amps can handle a wide range of speaker configurations, up to a 7.1 surround setup, which [offers a sound quality not found in many public theaters. If you integrate the theater with an Integra THX-certified video player you will also be getting the most from your Blu-Ray collection. THX is still the standard for theater audio, and Integra works closely with LucasFilm’s sound wizards to ensure it meets their exact standards.

Finally, with a Control4 home automation system, you would be able to control the entire home theater from a touchscreen device. You can change your lighting and sound settings, switch movies, or even install mechanical shelves that slide in and out of sight at the touch of a button.

Key Takeaway: The future of home theater really is here. With the right equipment, the results can truly be amazing.


Vancouver Lutron Lighting Control Solutions and Smart Grid Technology


Vancouver Lutron Lighting Control Solutions and Smart Grid Technology

You may have heard of the term “Smart Grid”, but you may be confused on what exactly it is intend to do. A smart grid is an electrical grid that uses information and communications technology to gather and act on information, such as information about the behaviors of suppliers and consumers, in an automated fashion to improve the efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity. A smart grid will give two-way communication.  This means information can be gathered and analyzed, so people can make educated decisions on the way their energy is being used.

Lutron, a respected name in light control solutions since 1961, is leading the way in investing in the research and development of smart grids worldwide.  Their mission is to help consumers save energy while at the same time save them money.

Vancover Lutron Dealers SolutionsResidential Benefits of the Smart Grid

As a homeowner you would have the ability to manage your homes energy and costs using data that you receive in real time. This will help you make better decisions on how to better manage your power consumption. Everyone knows when you dim lights it saves money. But with a smart grid, you would actually be able to see the savings.

Commercial Benefits of the Smart Grid

Lutron’s smart grid load-shedding software helps reduce lighting loads either by the user pressing a button or via an automatic command that is preset.  In addition, commercial building owners can receive financial incentives from demand response programs while using less energy and saving money.

vancouver lighting cotrol smart grid intergration

British Colombia Institute of Technology had their first Canadian Smart Grid Research Network Workshop in 2010. The idea was to bring together thought  leaders in the field of energy management. Ralph Zucker from BC Hydro had these closing statements after the workshop ended.

  • Smart grid solutions are seen to have many benefits for Canadians including economic prosperity, clean energy through the integration of renewables, enablement of new customer applications, and more secure and reliable power delivery systems.
  • Priority actions include building awareness, more effective collaboration across the industry, continued standardization efforts, and an expansion of innovation funding. Also identified was the need to develop policy and regulation that supports advanced smart grid applications.
  • Clearly, Canada has the leadership capability to advance smart grid applications. The challenge remains with all industry participants including academia, utilities, vendors, and government agencies to collaborate more effectively and through additional innovation funding, develop solutions that will benefit Canadians.


Key Takeaway: Lutron’s mission since it started has been to save consumers money while also conserving on energy. A smart grid solution will be a big step in providing additional savings and energy conservation.

Vancouver Technology Design Integration: Hidden Television Tips

Vancouver Technology Design Integration: Hidden Television Tips

When constructing and designing great homes and businesses, it is important to have a winning team of contractors, interior designers, and architects.  If one element is out of line, it could jeopardize the timing and craftsmanship of an entire project.

As an audio video integration specialist, we have been called upon to work with many Vancouver interior designers and craftsman to assist in the technology design process.  Everyone loves the benefits of technology, but getting technology into a given space without compromising the integrity of the interior designer’s vision takes skill and experience.

Almost every designed space has a television, but sometimes the client or interior designer would like for it to fade away into the intended design when it is not in use. In these cases, there are several techniques that we use to create the appearance of a non-existing display or television in a room. To integrate many of these techniques, it is vital for all craftsman and designers to work together. When everyone works together, the final results can truly be amazing!

Here are a few ways we hide a television when integrating a project.

Television Lifts

Vancouver Hidden Television AV Dealers

There are many types of television lifts. They can come from under a bed, from the ceiling, or any piece of cabinetry. It is of the utmost importance for the interior designers, AV integrator (West Coast AV) and other craftsman to work together in incorporating a TV lift to make sure all elements and spaces are in place and allocated.

Mirror Televisions

Vancouver Mirror Television

Why have a plain black screen in the middle of your living room when it could be a mirror? Besides just the living space, mirror TV’s are great to embed in master bathroom mirrors, so you can watch the morning news while getting ready for work!

Motorized Art

Vancouver Motorized Art Television

If you want to get super fancy, you can frame your TV like a piece of art, and incorporate a motorized painted canvas to roll up and down as the TV is turned on and off.  When the TV is not being used, there is a piece of art on the wall!

Key Takeaway:

Everyone loves his or her technology, but sometimes it’s best for it not to be seen. We help interior designer realize their vision while still incorporating all the conveniences of modern technology.

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